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Elegance Series

Rustic Collection Spear End Carriage Hinge w/Butt Hinge End, Silver Finish, Coordinating Nail Studs Installed

Traditional Collection Spear End Carriage Hinge, Weathered Copper Finish, Coordinating Nail Studs Installed

Americana Collection Spear End Carriage Hinge, Copper Finish, Coordinating Nails Installed

Traditional Collection Carriage Hinge, Gold Finish

24″ Rustic Gate Hinge, Dark Earth Finish, Coordinating Screws

Pull Handles (L to R): Traditional Colonial Bean End, Gold Finish; Fleur De Lis, Copper Finish; Americana Spear End, Silver Finish

Traditional Knocker, Lis Style; Copper

Traditional Ring Pull, Lis Style; Black

Traditional Collection Lis Style Lift Handle, Weathered Copper Finish w/ Coordinating Screws

Americana Collection Lift Handle, Silver Finish

Traditional Collection Carriage Handles, Black Finish

Lion Head Knocker, Silver Finish

Traditional Latch Kit, Black

Traditional Collection Fleur De Lis Hinge, 16″, Gold Finish, Coordinating Screws Installed

Rustic Ring Pull, Dark Earth

Rustic Collection Spear Hinge Assembly, Black, with Coordinating Nail Studs
Rustic Collection Spear End Hinge w/ Butt Pin Only; Dark Earth Finish


All of our decorative hardware items are available in any of the 6 Elegance colors. Select the finish that best suits your lifestyle.

Copper Finish – C Gold Finish – G

Silver Finish – S

Weathered Copper Finish – WC

Black Finish – B Dark Earth Finish – DE