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800 Newton DC Powered Garage Door Operator

The energy-efficient, DC-powered operator that runs at an
AC‑equivalent speed. DC drive motor with smooth-start and softstop
for ultra-quiet, long-term reliable performance.


• Superior, eco-friendly design
• Smooth start and soft stop for ultra-quiet operation
• Supplies 800 Newtons of lifting force for heavy doors
• Compatible with belt-drive or chain-drive T or I beam rails up to 10’
• Intelligent, self-learning, self-adjusting, torque settings
• 100-watt courtesy light (bulb not included)
• Built-in MegaCode format receiver
• Optional battery backup with Model BBU


• Lifetime — Motor
• Lifetime — Belt
• 5 years — Chain rails HCT7C, HCT8C, HCT10C
• 5 years — Mechanical parts
• 1 year — Electrical


LDCO800 with HBT7C/HCT7C: 124.5”
LDCO800 with HBT8C/HCT8C: 139”
LDCO800 with HCT10C: 159.5”
Product No. LDCO800
Product No. BBU
Residential Garage Door Operators
Optional Battery Backup Unit for LDCO800


• Provides peace-of-mind to homeowners
• Easily integrates with all Linear LDCO800 Garage Door Operators
• Supplies 800 Newtons of lifting force for heavy doors
• Delivers smooth, efficient power in the event of a power failure
• Compact kit contains all necessary installation/mounting hardware
• Plug-and-play with new LDCO800 garage door operators using the
HAE00061 version control board
• Dimensions: 4.25” W x 5.00” H x 3.12” D
• Order number: BBU


LDCO800: 16 lbs.
HBT7C: 18 lbs.
HBT8C: 20 lbs.
HCT7C: 21 lbs.
HCT8C: 23 lbs.
HCT10C: 27 lbs.