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Modern Classic

CONSTRUCTION: Modern Classic is constructed of commercial grade extruded aluminum alloy stiles and rails. Mechanical fasteners that connect the stile and rails are extremely strong and visually undetectable. The Modern Classic is (standard) with a clear anodized finish. Optional finishes include dark bronze anodized, black anodized, white polyester finish and other colored Duranar painted finishes. The white polyester finish doors can also be easily field painted to your exact color requirement. The Modern Classic can be built with either aluminum panels or glass depending on your application. Available panels are .050 thick smooth aluminum or 1/4″ laminated panels that have a polyvinyl honeycomb core or 1/2″ thick polystyrene insulated panels. Many glass thicknesses are available from 1/8″ to 1/2″ thick and glass types such as annealed, tempered, tinted, obscure, laminated, insulated, and many others.


  • Frame: 2″ thick extruded aluminum 6063-T6
  • Finish: Standard, Class II clear Anodized
  • Section Joint: Shiplap joint between sections
  • Top & Bottom Rail widths: 5-7/8″ (5-1/2″ on flat), Meeting Rail width combined: 4-3/16″ (3-1/2″ on flat)
  • End Stile width: 5-7/8″ (5-1/2″ on flat), Center Stile width: 3-1/4″ (2-1/2″ on flat)
  • Bottom weather seal: U-shape loop type vinyl
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
STANDARD WIDTHS: 8′-0″ 9′-0″ 10′-0″ 12′-0″ 16′-0″ 18′-0″
Panels Horizontally
STANDARD HEIGHTS: 7′-0″ 8′-0″ 9′-0″ 10′-0″ 12′-0″
Panels Vertically

*Non-standard sizes and panel arrangements are available up to 20′ wide and 12′ high.


  • Panel widths and section heights can be configured to meet your requirements
  • Widths up to 20′, heights up to 14′, in one inch increments
  • 1/8″ to 1/2″ thickness, glass types too numerous to mention
  • .50 thick aluminum, 1/4″ laminated panels, or 1/2″ polystyrene insulated panels
  • 25,000, 50,000 & 100,000 cycle torsion springs
  • Low clearance, high lift or vertical lift track and hardware also available

HARDWARE: 15″ or 12″ radius torsion hardware; track is 2″ bracket mounted. 3″ track supplied when required by weight. Quiet long life white nylon rollers, non corrosive door fixtures and graduated hinges are standard. U-shaped galvanized struts are supplied with every double car door and as required by weight to keep the door rigid.